Fruit & veg consumption increases | Russia: Citrus seen as important winter health staple

Russian consumers are eating more fruit and veg and cutting out the sugary drinks, according to the Russian Minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova.

“For 10 years (2005 to 2015), according to statistics, the average per capita consumption of vegetables (and melon) in Russia has increased by 10%, and that of fruits and berries by 38%. Consumption of sugar, in turn, has decreased by almost 10%,” stated Skvortsova.

The Minister stressed that an all encompassing special commission, which was dedicated to protecting the health of Russian citizens, which includes government ministers, as well as representatives of religious and public organisations, has helped to boost consumption.

According to Zamir Mammadov, from Russian importer Dan Fruit, he is not surprised, as he has noticed that Russian consumers are increasingly more interested in their health and are very tuned in to learning, through both education and the media.

“A perfect example can be seen during this time of the year as demand for citrus fruits increase, not only for their good taste, but also for their health benefits.” shared Mammadov.

DanFruit imports citrus from Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan and China for the Russian market. For clementines in particular, which are very popular at the moment, the most preferred source is Morocco.

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