SAFE spreads “happiness” after school visit to Marble Hall citrus farm


It was a fun-filled educational day for 20 children from the Mutsi Primary School when they were invited to SAFE’s Marble Hall farm, two hours north of Pretoria in Limpopo, to experience a fully functional citrus farm and packhouse in action.

But the real surprise came a few days later( Friday May 25) when a Marble Hall tractor and trailer arrived at the school to deliver a full load of freshly harvested oranges to the entire school,

The gesture was described by teacher Mr Mahlamela as “spreading happiness” .

According to the headmaster of the School, Mr Ntshengwane Gitshego, the visit in May, was long anticipated by the learners who were accompanied by their teacher, Mr Mahlamela.

“They came back with arms loaded with citrus and big smiles on their faces,” he said. “Little did they know that their joy was soon to be shared by the entire school”.

According to SAFE’s Marketing and Sales Director, Wibo van den Ende, the learners went through the whole process from arrival of the fruit at the packhouse to washing, sorting and packing.

“With agriculture being one of the major sources of income in the region, I believe this must have been a great educational outing for each child, ” he said.

“We would like to thank the farm for their hospitality and their time to accommodate the school. I believe all the learners were in ecstasy about all the oranges they got to take home,” said Wibo.

According to SAFE Marble Hall Administrator, Anneline Viljoen, the learners where from the school’s GR7 class. “We do this every year for the kids. It gives them background about what goes on at the farm – particularly in the packhouse – and provides them with an opportunity to consider future employment.”

The learners were guided around the packhouse by Packhouse Manager Pieter Lottering who, according to his colleagues, loves the opportunity to show off “his” packhouse to visitors.

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