Christie Henn is a farm manager with a passion for sustainable farming and a real heart for his farmworkers. Under his leadership Bonathaba, the SAFE table grape and citrus farm near Wellington of which he has been senior manager since 2006, achieved a Confronting Climate Change B-grade certification last year.

As South Africa’s citrus season draws to a close and spring is announcing the start of the table grape season, the Cape Town-based producer and exporter, SAFE (South African Fruit Exporters) will continue to maximise its strongest selling point – a seamless farm-to-fork package – to promote top-quality SA fruit to overseas markets.

With 26 years’ experience in citrus farming, a can-do approach towards farming and life in general, rock-solid faith and a caring attitude towards his staff and farmworkers, Hilary Weyers epitomises the inspiring South African farmer who knows what it takes to run an export citrus farm successfully.

A hands-on farm manager who believes a farmer’s footprints should still be found on the land, Frans Vorsatz follows an open-door policy when it comes to his farmworkers. For the last five years he has been managing SAFE’s Marblehall farm, situated near the Limpopo town with the twin name. Marblehall is the Cape Town-based citrus and table grape producer-exporter’s largest farm by far and the latest addition to its group of farms in South Africa.