Nico Schade began working at Nuwepos when he was 24 years old, growing the farm to the success it enjoys today. Nico believes that his success arises from treating everyone working on the farm with respect and by working alongside them in the field as much as he can. He sets clear goals to be achieved as motivation and he believes that hard work and commitment are the ingredients of a “recipe” for success.

Tiaan Visser lives to lead by example. He believes that only by respecting other people will you be respected. And with mutual respect a team can achieve greatness – as reflected in Nuweland’s motto “respect earns respect”.

Christie Henn is a farm manager with a passion for sustainable farming and a real heart for his farmworkers. Under his leadership Bonathaba, the SAFE table grape and citrus farm near Wellington of which he has been senior manager since 2006, achieved a Confronting Climate Change B-grade certification last year.