Christie Henn is a farm manager with a passion for sustainable farming and a real heart for his farmworkers. Under his leadership Bonathaba, the SAFE table grape and citrus farm near Wellington of which he has been senior manager since 2006, achieved a Confronting Climate Change B-grade certification last year.

As South Africa’s citrus season draws to a close and spring is announcing the start of the table grape season, the Cape Town-based producer and exporter, SAFE (South African Fruit Exporters) will continue to maximise its strongest selling point – a seamless farm-to-fork package – to promote top-quality SA fruit to overseas markets.

With 26 years’ experience in citrus farming, a can-do approach towards farming and life in general, rock-solid faith and a caring attitude towards his staff and farmworkers, Hilary Weyers epitomises the inspiring South African farmer who knows what it takes to run an export citrus farm successfully.